I'd be glad to exchange ideas of IPv6 transtion thechnologies in general as well as to address any questions about contents provide by this site here with you.



Walter S
04/08/2012 11:59am

Hi Xiaohong,
Would be interested on how the AplusP approach went further in IETF, as i cannot find final versions on this. Have there been issues for not having this approach processed further. If this has not been followed up further, i would be interested in the reasons for that.
Thanks so much in advance for your say on this.
Regaards Walter

Xiaohong Deng
09/17/2012 2:23am

Hi Walter,

Thanks for dropping by this website.

For AplusP alike approaches, you may like to follow updates of standardization works from Softwire WG
The following from the current charters define the realated work:
4. Developments for stateless legacy IPv4 carried over IPv6
- develop a solution motivation document to be published as an RFC
- develop a protocol specification response to the solution
motivation document; this work item will not be taken through Working Group last call until the solution

motivation document has been published or approved for publication


06/23/2012 3:25am

Interesting thoughts, just wanted to mention I came from Google.

Xaohong Deng
09/17/2012 2:24am

Rubina, Thanks for dropping by, and good to know where you come from.:)

09/17/2012 1:56am

kudos! A trustworthy blog, thanks for putting an effort to publish this information. very informative and does exactly what it sets out to do. thumbs up! :)

Joseph Aidan

Xiaohong Deng
09/17/2012 2:26am

Joseph, Thanks for dropping by. And more pieces of IPv6 transition works will be put here together soon. Stay tuned! :)


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